[SOLO] PokeMas: Palentine’s Bea EX Soloing Cobalion LA Very Hard

[SOLO] PokeMas: Palentine’s Bea EX Soloing Cobalion LA Very Hard

i cannot believe i was able to pull this off, if someone wants to count how many mfing syncs this took then i implore you, here’s the full run (without music or sound) if you want to see the entire thing: https://youtu.be/zCBpYhDiJzg

grid and lucky skill: https://ng-pomatools.web.app/pairs/25001/58400?s=3&l=140&r=5&p=0&a=18040801&g=AAECAwQFBggLDQ4QGhwfIiQ

this strat requires such an awkward setup for bea, but it works really well. this is the only bea solo where instead of Snow Sentinal, she uses Stoic as a lucky skill instead. what you need to clear is to not get poisoned by the dozen poison jabs,,, which really sucks when it takes 6 minutes just to get to half bar for coba to start using poison jabs in the first place. then even after that, youll have to deal with debuff hell and hope for lots of good flinches to get in more syncs. bar 3 is especially stressful since defense crush 9 really can hurt and sacred sword ignores your defense buffs entirely, and cobalion’s attack stat is maxed… overall this run is such a nightmare and this attempt took nearly 21 minutes in total,,, i do not recommend doing this for an LG EVER. this is for your own sake,,,

mistakes i made: letting cobalion get a +1 atk buff from metal claw, just reset if that happens or else you run the risk of getting 1HKO’d by a stone edge; shouldve allowed the second close combat to hit me but I was afraid of getting unlucky and being instantkilled right after by the sacred sword so I didn’t take that chance, but it wouldve been fine as long as i got the flinches; and some of cobalion’s bar 1 attacks didnt happen under hail, thats hard to prevent but always try to make sure they do

anyways have a happy holidays 💜

music is Moonlightspeed by Midnight Grand Orchestra
(aka suisei my beloved)